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Dear Walk it off

Thank you very much about this newsletter, reading the plan for 2014 makes me so happy because it was one of my dreams to see this program coming to other areas, so coming to Khayelitsha will be a great opportunity to people we are welcoming you with good hands so that you help us to be responsible for our health working through our stresses through walking.

Thank you Nontembeko



Dr. Marrisons innovative Walk-it-Off Club has provided myself as a medical officer with the impetus to prescribe exercise for the first time in my career. It makes more sense to tick the Walk-it Off box and attend the club, than to hand out a diet sheet and try to motivate my patients to exercise

Dr Jefferys, Medical Officer, Ikhwezi Clinic



Patients attending Ikhwezi Clinic are enjoying the Walk-it-Off Club. It has brought a vibrance to the mornings at the clinic with many taking part in the program and experiencing exercise for the first time. We are delighted to be the first clinic to drive these community wellness clubs.

Sr Kenta, Clinic Manager, Ikhwezi Clinic



Those attending our wellness clinics have benefited by the edition of the walking groups to our agenda. Physical activity plays an important role in our ongoing care and at the same time educates in nutrition and self – responsibility for health.

Sr Akar, Wellness Clinic, Ikhwezi



As a Yabongo volunteer we are excited in being a part of Dr. Marrisons club and the opportunity it offers in informing the community and extending our knowledge and skills through his training program. After qualification – as Group Leaders- we will be able to lead our own walking programs and improve the health of our neighbourhood.
Cindy, Student, Ikhwezi Clinic