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The Health Foundation and its affiliate Walk-It-Off have introduced three training courses aimed at continuing the education of community care workers, employers, NGO’s, NPO’s and volunteers.

Three Skills Training courses are offered:

Level 1. Walk-It-Off Group Leader

Level 2. Community Fitness Leader

Level 3. Community Wellness Counsellor

Eligibility is based on the desire to serve the community- enthusiasm and commitment – overriding educational background. Currently 20 volunteers from Ikhwezi and Wallecedene Clinics are in training for Level 1. Certification. Level 2. and level 3. will be introduced in 2015.

Level 1. Walk –It –Off Group Leader

  • 10 x 2 hour training Seniors includes Practical & Field work
  • Multiple Choice Exam
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Course Fee of R1950 per student (includes manual, hand outs & certificate)
  • Full curriculum available on request.

Level 2. Community Fitness Leader

  • Designed to train fitness instructors in community recreational exercise other than walking.

Level 3. Community Wellness Counselor

  • Advanced Training in Health & Wellness Promotion