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Walk-It off Club introduces a lifestyle change program using walking as the activity invervention, nutritional education to modify eating habits and group dynamics to support these lifestyle changes. The program has seven steps registration, screening, assessment, goal setting, implementation, reassessment and self-management and lasts 12 months. The implementation step is divided into 3 phases –

Phase 1. Orientation (0-1 month)

Phase 2. Conditioning (1 -6 months)

Phase 3. Maintenance (6 -12 months)

Club members start by registering and completing a Daily Eating Diary for one week, members are assessed individually and dietary tips given. Weight & BMI are recorded at each weekly visit. Members are grouped according to the area in which they live and a Group Leader appointed. Walking occurs in the morning or evening daily or alternate days for 30 to 60 minutes. Each session consists of warm up and stretching, walk and cool down. Conditioning is based on stamina (cardio vascular) suppleness (flexibility) and strength exercises ( muscle endurance).

Members are rewarded at presentations for fitness and health improvements. Group dynamics are encouraged by wearing Walk-it off T shirts and trained Group Leaders during the outdoor sessions.