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Partnership opportunities abound and we request your investment in this unique social responsibility project. We wish to attract the following to participate.

  1. Major Sponsor: Naming Rights to Walk-it-Off in the Western Cape
  2. Club Sponsors: Single or multiple local Walk-it-Off Club Sponsors
  3. Project Sponsor: Events, Big Walks, Expo etc.
  4. Media Sponsors: Newspapers; Internet; Radio and TV
  5. Products/Service Sponsors:
  6. Partners/ Affiliates

Sponsorship details are available on request. We trust that you will find Walk-it-Off worthy of your organisations support.

Your future participation is important to the role out of Walk-It-Off and its wellness events in the Western Cape.

As with Yabongo and Macinsendane we are looking forward to working in association with partners on the life long walk to wellness. Be well .

Sponsorship Document 674 kb
Big Walk Paper 1564 kb
Big Walk Talk 934 kb
Careers in Health & Fitness 276 kb
Fit Kids Walkitoff 362 kb
Get Fit Be Well 439 kb
Health& Fitness Expo 287 kb
National Wellness Academy 567 kb
Walkathon Wheelathon 609 kb