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Launch of NewLife Clubs

Encouraged by close links to Ikhwezi clinic services the Walk-it-Off team recently collaborated with a pilot Diabetic Project Driven by the City Mayoral Office. Input was provided by Dr.Marrison, coordinator and staff of the Lifestyle Unit of Ikwhezi. Diabetic patients are offered community-based, non-medical opportunities to attend weekly lifestyle change sessions at a local venue. Members are monitored throughout the program and are encouraged to take charge of their condition and pass these lifestyle changes to their families and community.

Phase 2- Launch of NewLife Clubs

The launch of the NewLife Clubs in Lwandle and Nomzamo is Phase 2 of this unique community health promotion intervention. Chronic Lifestyle Diseases(CLD)-hypertension, asthma, epilepsy, arthritis and diabetes-and their complications, form the bulk of burden disease in primary health care. These patients are offered a membership to a community club that offers more than awareness of their health issues, but practical lifestlye change programs and ongoing supportive environment. More information is available in our Updates.

Phase 3-Membership Extended To HIV/TB Patients.

Stable HIV/TB patients attending community HIV Adherence Clubs will be offered this opportunity to become members of NewLife Clubs. As a non-medical intervention these members will attend anonymously, confidentiality will be strictly applied-no clinical diagnosis will be revealed.

Launch Of Satelite Diabetic Clubs

City Health(Eastern and Khyalitsha sub-districts)together with Parks and Recreation, Health Promotion and Social Development have identified 5 new clinics to roll out the Ikhwezi Diabetic Project. The pilot is adapted to suite the needs of each local community,available infrastracture and resources. Progress will be reported on our Updates.

Healthy Living Festival

The NewLife Clubs organised a Healthy Living Festival on the 14th of November 2017. The festival was held at Nomzamo Community Hall in the Strand, Cape Town. It was not only a celebration of choosing a healthy lifestyle but was also meant to showcase the benefits of being part of the NewLife Clubs and some of the objectives already achieved. The festival was well attended by members of the community and five schools in the area also took part in the festivities. The NewLife Clubs team made a video of the event.