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Walk-it-Off operates as a community - based daily walking group with club membership benefits.

Initially designed as a health promotion project to encourage members to lose weight, it has become a catalyst for social - change carrying the message of self - responsibility for health in under resourced communities in the Western Cape.

The formation of community recreational clubs is long overdue. Much attention is given to sport for our youth and little attention paid to non-competitive lifestyle activities that can be enjoyed by all in our neighborhoods. Walk-It-Off is designed to promote an affordable and accessible solution, well managed clubs, lead by trained community care workers (CCW’s). Over burdened primary health clinics have identified the need to reduce the risk of chronic lifestyle diseases and start patients on the road to wellness. Walking identifies with the needs of the sedentary population who cannot afford the cost of sport equipment or gym membership.

Walking is the simplest, cheapest and “excuse free” form of physical activity. It can be enjoyed by all age groups, levels of fitness and health.

Research has repeatedly shown that regular, moderate intensity exercise – such as walking, reduces stress & sheds kilograms, improves self esteem and altogether enhances health.

Group Walking adds social interaction and comradie to the occasion. Fun and desirable experiences on a daily basis! Many see simple exercise like walking as an opportunity to improve community health and lower the risk of disease –often self inflicted. Walking groups provide the dynamics necessary for social upliftment and improved communications. The success of the Cape Times Big Walk has proven that walking together is community spirited and has the ability to bring people together.

Walking together is Healing!!!

Walk-It-Off Clubs are designed to be part of the daily life of economically disadvantaged communities in the Western Cape. Visible as the groups walk down the streets, a constant reminder that exercise can be fun, healthy and spirited. “Get Slim, feel good --- be well !”

Your future participation is important in the role-out of Walk-it-Off and its wellness events through the Western Cape in 2014


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